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Reasons why lithium-ion batteries work best for pallet Jack

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Pallet Jack, also known as Pallet truck or pump truck, is a trolley for lifting pallets. They have a forks slot attached under the pallet, and the pump handle can then be used to fluctuate the load. These are usually used in warehouses and stockrooms, where they usually use wooden pallets to work. There are many pallets, like – high lift, low profile, mini, electric, etc. But we will talk about the electric pallet Jack that uses the lithium batteries as the pallet Jack battery. And why lithium-ion batteries work best for pallet Jack.

First of all, lithium batteries are replacing old batteries or lead-acid batteries for a variety of applications. When it comes to replacing the pallet Jack battery, it is happening for many convincing reasons. Number one is that lithium-ion batteries do not require water, unlike lead-acid ones. This is because the lead-acid batteries need regular watering for the battery to last longer. Due to watering, the electrolytes split into hydrogen and oxygen, creating dangerous gas ventilated. This process lowers water levels in the battery, as due to evaporation, many molecules are lost.

Moreover, overflow of water from the battery may result in spilling off the acid, and cleaning the mess up is a dangerous business. For lithium batteries, you do not have to do anything like this. The battery is sealed, and the charging and cell balancing are all done through the battery management system. So no dangerous gasses are generated either.

Secondly, pallet Jack lithium batteries charge faster. With lead batteries, the usage, charging, and cooling down process takes up a lot of time, thus reducing efficiency. Say it was used for six hours, charged for 8 hours, and took 6 hours to cool down. But lithium batteries do not take any cooling time and charge fast. Like, you use it for eight hours, charge for one hour, and use it again for eight hours. This way, you can do most of the work without waiting for the battery to be charged.

Moreover, you can use lithium batteries for your pallet Jack, like this 24-volt pallet Jack battery, and make the most out of your work hours. You even do not need to worry about acid spills if you shift to lithium batteries. This is because no one needs a mess in the middle of that too of acid all over, leading to contamination.

Using lithium batteries as the pallet Jack batteries may give you more time to work and less time on charging. Like we mentioned above, you can always put the battery to charge during breaks or lunch breaks and then use it for the entire shift operations. Be it one or multiple shifts. Even after finishing the shifts, there is a chance that there’s still 75% energy left to work. They are that long-lasting. As far as energy is concerned – lithium emits more energy at half of its size. So you do not need to worry about its power. Because lithium batteries are powerful. They can run on high energy, with little discharge emitted, and work with full force for as long as the battery is charged.

If you are looking for power batteries for your pallet Jack or forklift, go for this electric battery manufacturer, who got lithium batteries for forklift and pallet Jack. You can also contact them if you want to replace or buy electric forklift batteries made of lithium. For more information, visit https://www.lithiumforkliftbattery.com/

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