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Content Marketing Tips to Create Engaging Emails

by Marketgit Team

Congratulations on having the privilege of sending emails to your contact list. This means you have access to warm leads who are ready to convert. Thus, your goal now is to ensure your recipients read the emails. You don’t want your email thrown into the junk or spam folder. Hence, you need to curate compelling messages that attract attention, like GIFs or video snippets. If you don’t have any editing talent, fret not. You can still readily create one if you click here to explore a free video maker.

Whether you’re sending out a monthly newsletter or an announcement for your upcoming sale, you must prioritize the creation of engaging messages. When you create stunning content, you can boost both open rates and click-through rates. As a result, you can enjoy higher conversion rates which can also translate into a better bottom line. Check out the tips below to create engaging email content.

Enhance the Subject Line

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs who DIY their email marketing do not put enough emphasis on the subject line. Keep in mind; your recipients will see this subject line first. Therefore, you must capture their attention right away, so they feel compelled to open your email. If you fail to secure their attention, your email will most likely be glossed over.

For best results, use catchy keywords in the subject line. Give enough information to whet their appetite. When you leave them curious and wanting more, your recipients feel more excited to read through the email. You can try the following tips to improve your subject line:

  • Keep it in between 30 to 50 characters
  • Hook your audience
  • Never do clickbait and mislead
  • Conduct some testing with a test audience
  • Use personalization
  • Include relevant content

Notably, most experts state that using the word video on the subject line improves open email rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. So you must start utilizing your free video maker to create content you can link to your emails. Besides, your unsubscribe shall reduce by 26% with the word video on the subject line.

Enhance the Subject Line

Make Sure the Body is Short, Catchy, and Sweet

A successful email works when the body doesn’t contain an excessive amount of text. You are not writing a novel, so make it succinct and sweet. Don’t overwhelm the receiver with tons of words. For best results, keep your paragraphs short and make everything straight to the point. If you want to expound on things, provide a link to your webpage, social media, or blog post.

You can also create interesting digital pictures with your free video maker. For instance, you can use the Clearance Sale collage template to combine different pictures and words. Moreover, since it is impossible to embed a heavy video in an email, you can use the same free video maker to create a GIF. Make this clickable so your recipients can go to the landing page where the full footage is embedded.

Incorporate an Enticing Call-to-Action or CTA

Now that you’ve managed to hook your receiver and open your primary email, you want to make sure you’ve got a strong CTA. This compels them to do something. The CTA is usually short, and it lives up to its name by using actionable words. For example, you can use the following:

  • Click here
  • Download now
  • Join us
  • Get it now
  • Enjoy limited offer

Work on the design of your CTA to make it stand out. Usually, readers skim the whole email first, so you want to ascertain they see your CTA right away. You can make it stand out by using buttons or other designs. And remember, you don’t want to annoy and confuse your audience, so resist the urge to lay it on thick. Keep click-through rates high by sticking with one call to action.

Incorporate an Enticing Call-to-Action or CTA

Stay Focused on the Receiver

Remember, although the email contains details about your offers, it is not merely about you. You must also focus on the recipient and provide them value if you want your email to receive attention and engagement. Direct your letter towards them by highlighting how you can help them. Focus on that rather than on what you want to do and hope to achieve.

For instance, if you have a new product launch, don’t do a hardcore sales speech. Instead, demonstrate how the product can make their life easier. Provide a brief overview and bullet points of the product features. You can also provide a link to a tutorial video made with your free video maker.

Don’t make your email sound too formal. Stick to words that build familiarity and inclusivity like you, we, and us. This creates an emotional connection with the receiver, showing them that you are on the same page. More importantly, it exemplifies that you care about their needs.

Get Creative With Images and GIFs

In today’s fast-paced world, a busy modern person has no time for long-winded emails. Hence, you must support your content with catchy images, nice fonts, and GIFs. Besides, studies show that 65% of people prefer emails with images rather than plain text.

But don’t go overboard because some email providers don’t automatically download graphics. Aim for balance and ensure your email readily adapts to a mobile platform because the majority of people today check emails on the go with their smartphones.

Incorporate Branding Touches

Finally, if you want a truly successful email, incorporate branding touches to make your email come alive. Use your company’s signature colors and logo. Make sure everything aligns with your website, too, to create uniformity.

Using these touches fosters familiarity, creating better brand awareness and recognition. With so many companies sending out email marketing messages today, you truly need to stand out. Work hard to make sure your message is heard by creating relevant content the builds engagement and trust.

Parting Words

If you think that producing engaging email content is a lot easier said than done, think again. You can now leverage technology like a free video maker. It allows you to create short videos, resize images, enhance pictures, and make photo collages. This tool works as if you have a design team back you up. Should you need help to create affecting marketing emails that your recipients will love, above are the best practices to make the most engaging email content.

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