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Salam Estate & DreamsNex- The Two Most Promising Real Estate & Construction Companies in Bahria town Karachi

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Salam Estate and Builders

Salam Estate and Builders is a real estate company. The company has years of experience in the work that they are doing. They will help you to choose a perfect place where you will want to spend your life because they knows that comfort is highly important. They can guide you to though the entire process. The experts that are connected with Salaam Estate and Builders have an expert knowledge on pricing. They will make sure that you don’t buy any property at unrealistic prices. You will also have an advantage because they are giants of the real Estate.


DreamsNex is basically a builder so you can bring your dream home to the real life. It have years of expertise and knowledge in home building. A home building requires a lot of knowledge and skills and The company have all of these things. They can comprehend every element of the construction process. DreamsNex is the best construction company in Bahria town Karachi will have a team of experts that will understand every part of the project completely. The company has a great reputation and a strong working relationship. After seeing the work you will surely get to know that you have hired best.

Differences Summarized

  • Two different Teams with Different Agents
  • Project handling and operations are different
  • Same CEO, but different projects
  • Same goals of facilitating with best

Exciting facts about both of the companies

You will be glad to know that the CEO of the both companies is same. The name of the CEO is Mr. Saifullah. The Salaam Estate and Builders is incorporated from a very long time. And on the other hand the DreamsNex Company is newly introduced but it is still competing with the giants of the market. Salaam Estate and builders have done many great projects in Bahria Town Karachi like UBN trade tower, selling and buying in AQ mall. All the projects of the Bahria Town Karachi are done by the Salaam Estate. Click here to check the latest Bahria town Karachi Prices.

DreamsNex has also done some legendary projects like Smart residency, DX luxury apartments, and DX Villas. The CEO is making sure that with his services he can benefit the people. He makes sure that every project is done on time in a correct and professional way. Here we will discuss how efficiently these companies can do their work. All of the project are one of its kind. You will definitely get to know that after having a look.

Expertise in their work

Expertise in their work

All the members that are connected with the DreamsNex are highly qualified and have years of experience in what they are doing. A construction of a home requires a lot of knowledge and through their services, It has proved that they have it. They are equipped with a degree of expertise through which they can comprehend every element of the construction process. Experts will see your project and then make sure that it is done on time.

When we talk about the Salaam Estate, we can say that they have expert knowledge on the pricing. They make sure that you have your dream home in minimum money. The agents of the company are specialists in the field and know all of the market prices. With their help you will not buy any property at any unrealistic price. They know every neighborhood, they can guide you where you can buy your home so it can help to add value to your property.

Streamlined process

DreamsNex have all of the things in their hand, they make sure that you have your home on time. Due to the many years of the trial and error the company is now perfect their crafts and have proper knowledge to build the house that you have always dreamt for. They schedule the subcontractors properly and check up on their work and stick with the time that they have told you. They make sure that the work is error free. It will complete your home according to your specifications.

Salaam Estate will make sure that you have your home with all of the necessary documents. They will act as an intermediary between you and the seller, then they will facilitate you with the tasks that are done during the process of purchasing a property. The experts will negotiate the best selling price for you. They will make necessary arguments with the seller in order to reach the price that you have told them. The aim will be to reach a place between the seller and the buyer.

Gained the trust of customers through services

Now both of the companies have gained the trust of the people and working on further projects. DreamsNex was also invited in the Jaded Pakistan Conference. People are loving the work and are willing to rely more on them in future. They have always worked so their clients can get the desired results. All of the process will be cost effective. That is possible because they will definitely know the area in which they work. So they have complete knowledge of the market. They have solid relationship with the suppliers so they can offer you the best prices and discounts.

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