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The Benefits of the Software Development Consultancy for the Business

by Marketgit Team

In the digital age, any business should be present online if it is looking for commercial success. An online presence may be maintained on a website or account on the social media networks. Visitors and customers seek beautiful interfaces, then they assess the value of the information, and finally make a decision on whether the services provided by a company are worth the money. Therefore, an online presence is vital.

A competitive website should comply with the following requirements:

  • It should be attractive. The pictures match each other and there is a common style for the pages.
  • It must be informative. There should be value for the visitors. For instance, an article with an expert view on the product or an overview of the top 10 similar solutions. It is something users would love to read and share.
  • The site is user-friendly. All the buttons and elements are visible, the loading process does not take too much time, and the navigation is transparent.

If you provide your customers with software products, you are an expert in web development yourself, so it will not be a problem for you to create a perfect website. For those far from IT, there are several options. You can plunge into web development and do it yourself, which is time-consuming and challenging. You can also hire a programmer and expand your team, which is costly. One more option is to find remote help. We will talk further about the possibilities of the latter option, its types, and its pros and cons for business.

Why do businesses look for outsource?

1. You need to develop an app or a website.

This is the most common reason. Your business needs a website. The team of experts will gather your ideas and expectations from the website. Then, they create a prototype for you to better visualize the results. After some time, you will have a working site with all the possibilities for conducting online business and gradual expansion.

2. You need to maintain your digital products.

It is not enough to build an app. It should be taken care of. Updates improve the performance and functionality. Bugs should be fixed. The app should adapt to the new devices and browsers. All those issues require the careful attention of the experts.

3. Your customers need technical support.

The competence of the support depends on your staff. However, the way it is organized technically is not less important. Customers should know how to get in touch with a specialist. The support should be fast and responsive. The availability of an online chat, a phone request, or a convenient method of sending an email are the issues that can be dealt with remotely agreed Imprezait, an IT solutions company.

Benefits and difficulties of outsourcing

  • Expert opinion. Companies providing outsourcing services and software consulting are professionals in their domain. They are familiar with all the modern cutting-edge technologies and can give an expert view on your project.
  • Cost-effectiveness. You will save a significant part of your budget by occasionally turning to software consultancy and remote consultancy.
  • Communication barrier. When the team members speak different languages, it may lead to misunderstandings and stress.
  • Different time zones. Employing outsourced services from around the globe may involve challenges for the main office if the working hours are different.

Types of outsourcing

  • onshore
  • nearshore
  • offshore

As a rule, the closer the outsourcing company to your country is geographically, the fewer problems with the language and time zones you will have. At the same time, the farther they are from you, the less you will pay. So, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision.

One more option of outsourcing is to involve the company you have already dealt with while purchasing their products. For example, you have bought a JS framework for developing your UI and you like the results you have received. However, you have some issues connecting the framework to your native backend. Asking the developers of the framework for help will be logical and less risky. The Webix UI library offers such a service to its customers. Webix includes more than 100 components for cross-platform development. Besides, there are 13 complex widgets that are complete JS applications that can be used independently or built into an existing environment. Advanced features include the Webix Jet microframework for fast development and the UI Designer for prototyping. The library offers a wide choice of tutorials, a lively forum, code snippets, and the option of employing experts from the team to work specifically on your project. A wise idea is to ask for help from those who created the framework.

In conclusion

Outsourcing is a great opportunity for those who wish to receive quality help and save money. However, it poses risks to the team’s communication and mutual understanding. Thus, the pros and cons should be taken seriously before making a final decision and applying for remote software consultancy.

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