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There are things everywhere in our lives that are worth observing and thinking about. In our lives, chimneys, iron barrels, oil tanks, oil barrels, ventilation ducts, elbows and heads, these indispensable things in our lives, all use metal sheets. Metal sheets are processed into into various specifications of metal plates we need. It has brought many changes to our production and life. This kind of metal sheet fabrication has a professional term in the industry called sheet metal fabrication. Today we at Dongguan BE-CU Prototype inc will first introduce you to sheet metal. Sheet metal is a kind of steel product fabrication technology that belongs to the cold working process. It belongs to the steel sheet  metal fabrication industry. According to the international definition of sheet metal, sheet metal is a relatively complete cold fabrication process for metal sheets. It is finalized through shearing, cutting, splicing and other processes, such as what we commonly see on the street. The automobile steel plate body is made through sheet metal processing technology.

Sheet metal processing is a cold processing process for sheet metal usually smaller than 6 mm, including shearing, stamping, folding, bending, welding, riveting, mold forming and surface treatment. It is characterized by the same thickness of the same part. BE-CU.com has 13 years of production experience in sheet metal fabrication manufacturing. Below, the editor of BE-CU will take you to understand the 2 major methods and 5 major processing processes of sheet metal fabrication.

Two major methods of sheet metal fabrication:

  • 1. Moldless processing: The process of fabrication sheet metal through digital punching, laser cutting, shearing machines, folding machines, riveting machines and other equipment, generally used for sample production or small batch production.
  • 2. Mold fabrication: The plate is processed through a fixed mold. There are generally blanking molds and forming molds for mass production.

Five major processes of sheet metal fabrication:

1. Cutting: including digital punching machine, laser cutting machine and shearing machine. The blanking methods of sheet metal mainly include digital punching, laser cutting, shearing machine, mold punching, etc. Cutting is mainly used for the proofing stage, while mold blanking is mainly used for batch fabrication.

2. Forming, bending, stretching, and punching: bending machines, punches, etc. The basic principle of the bending fabrication sequence is: bend from inside to outside, bend from small to large, bend special shapes first, and then bend general shapes. After the previous process is formed, it will not affect or interfere with the subsequent process.

3. Other fabrication: riveting, tapping, etc. Riveting of accessories on sheet metal, such as rivet nuts, rivet studs, rivet guide posts, etc. Tapping of threaded holes in metal plates.

4. Welding: In the design of sheet metal welding structures, welds and welding points should be “symmetrically arranged to avoid convergence, aggregation and overlap.Welds and welding points can be interrupted, and the main welding seam and welding points should be connected. Commonly used welding methods in plates include arc welding, resistance welding, etc.

5. Sheet metal connection method: The number of layers and material thickness of the resistance welding plate is generally 2 layers and 3 layers more than that of the resistance spot welding plate. The thickness ratio of each layer of welded joints should be between 1/3-3. If it is necessary to weld a 3-layer board, please check the material thickness ratio first. If reasonable, it can be welded. If it is unreasonable, consider opening process holes or process gaps, two-layer welding, and wrong solder joints.

BE-CU is located in Dongguan, China, and has been committed to providing customers with sheet metal fabrication technology consulting for 30 years. The company will further improve its operation and management system that integrates new product development, design, manufacturing, inspection, warranty, sales, and after-sales maintenance services, and establish a scientific, sound, standardized, and efficient company operating system.

If you are interested in our sheet metal fabrication or want to know more detailed information, please click on our online customer service to consult with a technician, or call the technician directly for consultation. We look forward to your call to discuss!Be-Cu provides the highest standard of sheet metal fabrication and rapid prototyping service for all your needs. Contact us today to know more about what we offer!

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