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Shift to wireless headphones if you are still using wired earphones.. Here’s the reason below.!!

by Victor

In earlier times most of the people used wireless earphones and enjoyed listening to music. During that time many of the mobiles phones brands provide wired earphones with the box as well. After some time, they stop giving earphones with the phone box. Many people use these wired earphones for so many years but they have a lot of demerits when compared to wired headphones in this era. Also nowadays most of the people have shifted to wireless headphones. There are so many reasons that everyone should move to the compatible wireless headphones.

No mess –

As we know that it is almost impossible to find the wired earphones from the bag untangled which is always irritating. It took time to get untangled and then we can use them. Whereas the wireless headphones are not messy at all. We can normally put them out of the bag and can use it anytime and anywhere. So if you want to enjoy your travel time and don’t get in the tangling of the wired earphones buy the best of the headphones from Carphonewarehouse in great prices. Because of this many times the wired earphones break and stop working in a short period of time. We buy a lot of earphones in a whole year and waste a lot of money buying them everytime.

Noise Cancellation –

In wired earphones all the external and the surrounding noise is easily available for the person who is calling us. There is no noise cancelling feature in the earphones. There are only two types of the wired earphones one of them has no calling i.e. there is no calling feature and only for listening to music and the other one is for listening music and also for the calling purpose as well. Whereas the high end headphones have the active noise cancelling feature which is very useful for us when we are in a noisy and crowded area. This feature is also very good for listening to music as well.

Sound Experience –

The sound quality we get in the wired earphones as compared to the sound quality we get in the wireless headphones is too bad and not clear at all. In wireless headphones we get a great sound experience. Sound experience in the wireless headphones has been improved from the past so many years. You can also listen to the great HD quality sound also but this is not possible in the wired earphones.

Safe for Ears –

While using headphones or the earphones we must take care of the health of the ear also as these are very essential parts of our body. Everyone should keep in mind they should not listen to the explosive  sound for a longer period of time or for the regular days. When we use the earphones all the excess vibrations of the sound hit directly to the ear canal which can cause temporary and permanent damage to the ears. With the use of the earphones there is no layer between the ear and the earphones and there is maximum risk at that time when we use the earphones for a longer period of time, then the earphones pushes the ear wax deeper in the ears which causes blockages and leads to the hearing impairment. Whereas headphones are a much better choice than earphones. As headphones save the ears from getting the sound directly into the ear and causes harm.

Mobility –

When we have wired earphones then it is impossible for us to take the phone everywhere. Sometimes we forget while doing something that earphones are connected with the phone and then our phone drops on the floor which may break our phone. We have to take the phone if we want to listen to music. Whereas in the headphones we can just connect to the phone and we don’t need to take the phone everywhere we can go to the different rooms in the house and still can listen to the music we want to. Every headphone has a particular range, within which we can go wherever we want to. Headphones allow flexibility and mobility to the particular area and the range which the headphones allow and this is a very good feature. As we can do whatever we want to do while listening to the music as well.

So many of the things that are so important in the headphones which makes us more compatible according to the earphones. So it is better to use headphones rather than earphones. Always remember to use good quality headphones which provide safety features for the ears as some of the headphones do not allow you to listen to the music or anything for a longer period of time and turn off the volume and when not in use for the headphones turn off automatically.

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