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10 Best Authentic site audit tools in 2022

by Marketgit Team

Are you seeking to place your website position on top of the Google ranking? And you do not how to check my site ranking and position. So do not go away, I am going to describe everything you need to know to check your site ranking – Best Authentic site audit tools

Today’s businesses have a lot of competitors on the internet and it has become a bit complex to get rankings on search engines. Most of the business owners have hired SEO companies on monthly basis to compete with Google.

Search Engine Optimization has a great role to make popular the websites for the search engines like Google, Bing and, Yahoo to get more rankings. As Google is updating its algorithm day-by-day and becoming more complicated, it is a bit complex to understand his algorithm as Google uses more than 200 factors regarding ranking.

So this is important to do your site`s audit before starting SEO for your site. It could be done only by technical tools that generate audit reports for your site. Therefore, if you are trying to audit your website then you must read the full article.

List of 10 best authentic site audit tools in 2022:

1. Sitechecker

A site crawler is a tool that helps identify technical SEO issues that could affect the search rankings and performance of a web resource. Common issues that a site crawler can identify include broken links, duplicate content, and 404 errors. A site crawler can be extremely helpful in troubleshooting these issues so that they can be fixed, and the site can perform better in the search engines. While there are free site crawlers available, subscribers of the service usually get more data and features.

A site audit makes it possible to analyze the performance of a web resource and determine what factors hinder better results. You can find out the loading speed of each of the pages by simply entering the required URLs. Internal ranking data for each page is also available. You can use the search by error type to quickly identify and correct deficiencies.

The site crawler is great at identifying issues. In addition, it is much easier to eliminate them without involving third-party specialists for this. It only takes one step to go from auditing a single page to auditing a site as a whole. In general, the tool is aimed at saving time for specialists interested in a comprehensive check of a web resource.

2. SEMrush

10 Best Authentic site audit tools in 2021

SEMrush is the best site audit and research tool and was founded in 2008, It’s headquartered in is the USA. It crawls your website`s keywords, competitors, organic keywords, and page-per-click (PPC)competitors of your site.


  • Backlinks analysis
  • Finding competitors
  • Helps in discovering the best advertisers and publishers
  • SEMrush points out over 100+ SEO and technical issues
  • SEMrush displays three SEO issue groups Errors, Warnings, and Notices.
  • It tracks your rankings using google analytics.
  • Provides suitable solutions for SEO issues.
  • You can export your audit report in Excel format.
  • Provides free as well as a paid tools to access more features.

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is another best site audit tool set that offers site explorer, keywords explorer, rank tracker, and content explorer. You can see statistics about your site`s domain rating, ranking keywords, organic traffic site health. Note that Ahrefs does not show exact organic traffic as it calculates estimated traffic by your ranking keywords in the first 100 search results.


  • Free backlink checker tool
  • Check domain authority free
  • Explores internal linking
  • It crawls both mobile version and desktop versions of your website
  • Ahrefs crawls website on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • It looks at more than 100+ SEO issues like internal and external links, duplicated links, pagination, and resources
  • Point out the error and provides suitable solutions

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

10 Best Authentic site audit tools in 2021

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an awesome installable site audit tool that runs on the computer. It crawls the website by extracting SEO audit reports, site data and prepares the SEO results in real-time.

SEO agencies use this software comfortably that crawls the site and explore broken links, track server errors, flag up redirections.


  • Evaluates URL structure
  • Free as well as paid tool
  • Also integrates with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Page speed API
  • Determines 404 links and errors
  • It extracts page title and meta description
  • Demonstrates the duplicated content
  • Finds redirections

5. Woorank


Woorank is one of the best site auditing tools for SEO agencies and website owners. It provides the on-page and off-page SEO reports as well as identifies broken links and backlinks. It points out harmful web pages and gives sanctions to sort out the solution to improve the site`s performance and speed.

  • Identifies broken links
  • Both free and paid tool
  • Installable tool but not cloud-based
  • You can download audit reports in PDF format
  • Useful to improve site visibility and performance

6. Moz


Moz is the best site auditing platform for most SEO experts. As this is not a single product, it has a variety of tools and experts usually use them for their SEO aims. Every small and big enterprise use Moz domain authority, page authority, and Moz ranking for link-building. Moz offers free and pro versions also.

Feature and tools

  • Site Explorer tool
  • Keyword research tool
  • MozBar to check domain authority and page authority
  • Business listing and console
  • Research categories

7. SpyFU


SpyFU is also amazing and you would like it as just like SEMrush, it works to identify backlinks, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and PPC research. It is also used to track the ranking of your website. SpyFU is a good tool for SEO agencies and site owners to get insights.

  • Shows organic Search
  • Identifies the bad keywords and solutions to eliminate them
  • Competitor research analysis
  • Page-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Points out top ranking keywords

8. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is the best free site audit tool that lets you audit your site in different types. It audits the site to explore mobile usability, social media, SEO errors, and server issues. SEO Site Checkup has a powerful algorithm that fetches the data of your website from all search engines, prepares a site’s health, and shows the performance of your site.


  • SEO monitoring
  • The solution to SEO errors
  • Points out sever issues
  • Prepares an SEO report

9. Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Search Console is known as Google Webmaster Tool. It offers a complete set of search engine metrics directly. You can point out SEO issues from over 16 months of data.

In particular, a quick scan with details should give you a good idea of ​​your site’s indexing problems and accessibility issues. After doing all of that, Google Search Console provides information about your edited data, HTML, faster mobile pages, broken links, and content quality.


  • Monitoring and tracking AMP pages
  • Directly crawls from Google bots
  • Identifies 404 and 500 errors
  • Shows pages and URLs that fail to index
  • Shows indexed URLs
  • Provides content keyword tool to analyze keyword performance
  • Tracks keyword positioning
  • Helps to find ranking keywords in countries
  • Allows to manually prepare an audit report

10. GTmetrix

Best Authentic site audit tools

GTmetrix is a powerful SEO audit tool and many SEO agencies and experts love this. As it does not have crawling bots and does not crawl the sites but GTmetrix is the most amazing tool to discover your site`s health, performance and check web pages within a seconds. It checks and finds all the issues that slow down speed and performance. Later you can check and fix these errors.


  • Shows real-time page-speed
  • Checks page performance on more than 10 mobile devices
  • Generates four different groups to show metrics; web vital, page timing, page size and, performance
  • User-experience
  • Uses Google lighthouse to track webpages

11. WebCEO


WebCEO is the most interesting and best SEO auditing tool that points out the errors of your site. Actually, WebCEO is a SaaS program that tracks the SEM campaigns (Search Engine Marketing) and checks out the challengers actively.


  • Keyword Optimization for your site
  • Link building, Backlink checking, and tracking
  • Social Metrics
  • Marketing Analytics

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 site auditing tools and please mention your favorite one in the comment section – Best Authentic site audit tools

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