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Skip The Long Drive & Ship Your Car To Another State Instead: Here’s Why

by Victor

Long road trips may seem like a lot of fun until you really get into the thick of it.

One hour into the drive and you feel magical. You’re listening to your favorite early 2000s hits, sipping on some convenience store soda, bopping your head to the music and just totally feeling the vibe.

Hour three hits and you’re still pretty positive. Yes, your knee is starting to hurt a little and your eyes feel kind of droopy. You’ve had to make a few stops along the way for a pee and stretch but other than that, easy peasy.

Then, 6 hours later, you start feeling tense. You’ve been sitting in your car, in the middle of nowhere, maneuvering the steering wheel for far too long. Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” has already come on your playlist 5 times and it’s starting to make your eardrums hurt. Now, it just reminds you of how much farther you have to go — not that Gmaps has failed to remind you for the 378th time in the last hour.

Ten, twelve, fourteen — and finally, sixteen hours later, you arrive at your destination and the only thing that pops into your head along with a deep sigh of relief is that you’re never doing this again. The couple hundred dollars you managed to save is not worth this trip; you really should’ve shipped your car instead.

Long distance drives sound fun only until they aren’t anymore (read more). It can be physically and mentally taxing, as well as time consuming, especially if you’re not used to driving on interstate highways. Apart from the discomfort of long hour drives, here are 4 more cons to long distance drives that you should know about before you decide to make that trip:

Lowers Productivity

You can’t really do anything while you’re driving at the same time – and even if you think you can, you really shouldn’t for your own safety and for those around you. You can’t eat, drink, text, or be on a call while you’re driving, your eyes should be fixed on the road to avoid any dangerous situations.

Because of that, you can hardly do anything productive while your hands are on the wheel. This means no work, no progress, and unless you have passive revenue streams, it could also mean no money generated for the entire duration of the trip.

This can easily be resolved if you ship your car to another state and minimize any disturbances in your daily work routine. This is especially advantageous to people who really can’t take extended breaks from work even if they wanted to because of responsibility or monetary reasons. Plus, expect to experience physical fatigue after a long-distance drive which can further lower your productivity.

Your Vehicle Might Act Up Along The Way

One of the biggest challenges of driving to another state is that your car can make some funny noises along the way. And boy, do these noises sound horrific. The moment you hear weird buzzes or clanking in the rear, or heaven forbid, see the check engine light come on, you almost instantly break out in cold sweat because you know for a fact that something is wrong.

Having your car break down in the middle of nowhere is the worst thing that can happen in a long-distance drive. Steer clear by just having your car shipped out by the pros.

Interstate Highways Aren’t Exactly Safe

Another con of long-distance driving is that you risk personal safety. Interstate highways aren’t the safest place in the world. We’re talking about long, winding roads that are not very populated. Establishments can be separated by tens of miles and speed limits are higher than in the city. You will also likely pass several accident-prone areas.

If you want to keep your car and yourself safe, best to leave the work to the pros. But you really insist, at least take this survival guide with you: https://wanderwisdom.com/road-trips/How-to-Survive-All-Day-Drives-Tips-and-Ideas-to-Make-10-Hour-Drives-Easier

The Cost Savings to Effort Ratio Hardly Makes Sense

Even if you insist on driving your car to another state, it is very unlikely that you’ll save much in the process.

Yes, you will have to pay a considerable sum to get your car transported by a professional car shipping company. However, it’s also true that you will have to pay for gas and maintenance if you drive the car to its destination yourself – not to mention, the money you’ll spend on food, water, and other extras whenever you temporarily stop to rest during the long distance trip.

All in all, if you account for the time, effort, and money you’ll spend during the trip anyway, your cost savings from driving the vehicle yourself will hardly be a significant sum. Save yourself the trouble and just ship your car out. Look for a company you can trust with your vehicle and worry less about everything else.

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