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Step-by-Step Guide to Connect to a Remote PC from Anywhere

by Victor

How do I remotely connect to a computer on a different network?

“Hello! I need complete control and access to my Windows computer from another Windows on a different network. How can I connect to a remote computer? What is the most efficient way for that? Many thanks!”

Connect to a remote PC via a remote desktop

In some circumstances, we need to connect to a remote PC. For instance, you may need to use a company computer when away from home or on travels, assist friends with computer issues online, move files between computers, and more. These tasks are simple to complete using a remote desktop.

What is a remote desktop?

The term “remote desktop” refers to a program or operating system function that enables you to connect to PC remotely from another place using an Internet connection, view that computer’s desktop, and interact with it as if you were physically in front of it.

How does a remote desktop work?

Remote desktop allows users to view or control another device remotely by transmitting their screen, mouse, and keyboard inputs from one device to another.

Many remote desktop software applications allow you to connect to another computer remotely via the Internet. To create a remote connection, the local first needs to request the connection to the host. Once authorized, the local has complete control over the remote machine. Certain software supports unattended remote access, which means you can remotely access a computer without permission, which is useful when no one at the remote location can assist you in accepting the request.

For a better remote control experience, many remote desktop programs include file transfers, screen sharing, multiple sessions, etc.

What are the benefits of a remote desktop?

IT professionals and businesses are the ones using remote desktops the most. They regard the remote desktop as a useful solution to increase security and give end users the freedom to utilize their devices or affordable endpoint devices to access crucial corporate network services. Other advantages include:

  • Access content located on remote devices from any endpoint.
  • Offer the freedom to work nearly anywhere.
  • Reduce the cost of workstations by employing server technology to give a full remote desktop to a low-cost client or computer.
  • Limit access to specified programs and systems to computers connected to the network.

What is best remote desktop tool for Windows?

AnyViewer is a well-known free remote desktop software for Windows. It is extremely user-friendly due to its simple interface and functions. You can quickly and easily connect to a distant computer via the Internet using AnyViewer in a completely secure environment. Other capabilities, such as file transmission and screen sharing, are also available to make your work more effective.

Check the key features of AnyViewer:

  • Unattended remote access. You can remotely control an unattended machine even if no one is there.
  • Share screen. View the screen of the distant computer without intervening.
  • File transfer. Send files back and forth between remote and local devices.
  • Remote lock/reboot/shut down. Remotely lock, restart, and shut down another computer with only one click.
  • Multiple sessions. Remotely manage several devices at once and quickly switch between sessions.
  • Multi-monitor navigation. The ability to control a computer that is linked with many monitors.
  • Chat. You and your partner can send and receive messages instantly during the remote session.

See how to access home computer remotely via AnyViewer.

Step 1. Download AnyViewer to your PCs, install, and launch it.

Step 2. On the remote computer, click Sign up to create a new account and log in.

Step 3. On the local computer, log in to the same account you just registered. To begin a remote session, go to Device to see your list of assigned devices, select the remote computer, and click One-click control.

The bottom line

By this point, you should be much more familiar with how to connect to a remote PC. To access your computer remotely from anywhere, try AnyViewer for free to discover how well it performs.

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