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Top WEB3 Project Tokens you missed: LINK, CGG, and UMA

by Victor

Why do people today invest in WEB3?

People are investing in WEB3 for a variety of reasons, including its potential for growth and innovation, its decentralized and trustless design, the use of cryptocurrency, and its potential for social impact. 

ChainLINK, CGG, and UMA – Web3 Projects to watch

These three Web3 projects are all worth watching due to their unique approaches to solving real-world problems and their potential for adoption and growth in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Future of Web3 – Chainlink Platform

The Chainlink Web3 platform is designed to be highly secure, reliable, and scalable, offering a decentralized network of nodes, known as oracles, that are responsible for retrieving and validating off-chain data. These oracles are incentivized to provide accurate data through a system of staking and rewards, ensuring that the network is trustworthy and secure. 

Additionally, the platform is incredibly flexible, supporting a wide range of data sources and use cases, including both centralized and decentralized sources. This allows developers to choose the optimal source for their specific needs. Furthermore, the platform provides a comprehensive set of developer tools and APIs, simplifying the integration of Chainlink into decentralized applications (DApps) for developers.

Why do people invest in ChainLINK?

  1. Strong and growing adoption: ChainLINK has seen significant adoption in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, where it is used to connect DeFi protocols to real-world data sources. This adoption has led to increased demand for the LINK token, which is used as the native currency on the ChainLINK platform.
  2. Decentralized Oracle network: ChainLINK’s decentralized oracle network allows smart contracts to access real-world data without the need for a centralized authority. This allows for greater security and reliability in decentralized applications, making it an attractive investment for those interested in the future of decentralized technology.
  3. Ecosystem partnerships: ChainLINK has formed partnerships with a wide range of companies and projects in the blockchain space, including Google, Oracle, and Polkadot, among others. These partnerships demonstrate the potential for ChainLINK to be integrated into a variety of different use cases and applications.
  4. Strong team and community: ChainLINK has a strong team of developers and advisors, as well as an active and supportive community. This community is passionate about the potential for ChainLINK to revolutionize the way that smart contracts access off-chain data, which has contributed to the project’s success and growth.

Chainlink Price

There are 517,099,970 circulating LINK coins and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 LINK coins. The highest price paid forChainlink(LINK) is $52.7, which was recorded on May 10, 2021. At the time of writing, LINK’s market cap is 3,691,457,108. The current LINK coin price is $7.12 per coin. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is $239,824,246.

H2: What is UMA Protocol?

Universal Market Access (UMA) is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to design and create trustless financial contracts. The UMA platform secures these contracts via economic incentives, making it trustless. Additionally, users can create synthetic assets and gain exposure to real-world assets on the blockchain.

UMA primarily focuses on the derivatives market, which is a contract between two parties about an asset. In most cases, it is an agreement to sell a certain asset at a predetermined price and date. Derivatives are popular among professional investment firms because they allow investors to gain exposure to assets without increasing regulatory risk. Now, regular crypto investors can utilize these investment tools to expand their portfolios.

One of the major problems that UMA solves is the removal of all the technical and financial barriers to derivatives trading. These high-return investments used to be exclusive to accredited investors who could show at least one million in assets. As such, the average investor missed out. Keenly, UMA empowers anyone to design and build universally accessible financial products. In this way, it lowers the entry bar into the world of financial derivatives and enables new investors to gain exposure to assets that would otherwise be out of reach.

Why do people invest in UMA Protocol?

people invest in UMA because they see it as a promising project that can revolutionize the derivatives market and increase access to financial products for all. 

UMA Protocol Price

The UMA token was launched in May 2018, with an initial price of $1.3473 per token. If you refer to the MEXC Price pages, since then, the UMA crypto price has experienced significant fluctuations, with the price reaching a high of $41.56 per token on Feb 04, 2021.

What is ChainGuardians Governance?

The ChainGuardians platform aims to create a blockchain gaming experience that combines blockchain technology and traditional gaming, along with a platform that can function as a separate entity or on existing virtual worlds. To achieve this goal, the team has implemented advanced game economics and chain-analysis technology, which governs the platform’s mechanics.

One of the unique aspects of ChainGuardians is its two different games, a Role-Playing Game (RPG) and an NFT-Mining game. The RPG allows players to earn ChainGuardian Credit (CGC) tokens by increasing their characters’ level or winning against other players. These tokens can be exchanged for ChainGuardians Governance (CGG) tokens, which allow token holders to vote on any changes or upgrades that need to be performed on the ChainGuardians ecosystem.

Mission of ChainGuardians Governance

The mission of ChainGuardians Governance is to create a gaming ecosystem that actively promotes competitive gaming, advanced game economics, and expandable blockchain worlds. The game features liquidity mining and staking and has integrated blockchain concepts to give users a gamified experience. With continuous development and improvement by developers, the game has significant potential, and a 3D game is in the pipeline, set to be launched by the end of 2021.

Why do people invest in CGG?

With the potential to earn CGG tokens through staking, governance, and payment, the CGG token serves as a reward system for players in the ecosystem. It is also a step towards the team’s vision of community-led development and growth. Moreover, the platform’s unique features such as multiple game modes, a loyalty reward system, and bot prevention system make it a promising investment opportunity for those interested in the blockchain-based gaming industry.

CGG Price

The CGG token was launched in Mar 2021, with an initial price of $1.5185 per token. If you refer to the MEXC Price pages, since then, the CGG crypto price has experienced significant fluctuations, with the price reaching a high of $4.33 per token in Mar 14 2021.

Key differences and similarities. ChainLINK, CGG, and UMA

ChainLINKCGG (ChainGuardians Governance)UMA Protocol
Use case Decentralized oracle network Blockchain-based game Decentralized financial contracts 
Token type ERC-677ERC-20ERC-20
Governance No Yes Yes
Token utilityPayment for oracle servicesUsed for staking, governance, and as a payment system in the ChainGuardians ecosystemUsed for creating synthetic assets, collateralized oracles, and community governance 
Mainnet launch 201720212018 
Team background 
Experienced professionals in the fields of software development, finance, and law Experienced professionals in the fields of gaming, technology, and blockchainExperienced professionals in the fields of blockchain, finance, and academia 
Unique featureFocus on decentralized Integration of blockchain technology with collectible game oracles Programmable risk through collateralized synthetic tokens 


WEB3 is an important development for blockchain because it provides the infrastructure and tools necessary to create a more decentralized and democratic internet that empowers individuals and communities. Some key differences and similarities between the three programs need to be evaluated before investing

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