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Stop Polluting & Make Your Oil Business Greener

by Victor

Environmentalism and the oil and gas industry don’t exactly go hand in hand. However, the need for sustainability is rising across the globe, and even the less green companies have to keep up. More innovative solutions and eco-friendly practices are increasing in popularity across the oil and gas sector, aiming to cut unnecessary expenditures, improve livelihoods and working conditions, and help to preserve the planet. If you have similar goals, here are some ways you can stop polluting and make your oil business greener as well. For instance, companies like WildHeron Drilling Services are leading the way by implementing sustainable drilling practices, minimizing waste, and reducing their carbon footprint.

Leverage data and industry insights

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industry is among the most inefficient and least technologically advanced sectors. As a matter of fact, certain studies suggest that most offshore platforms barely reach 70% of their maximum production potential on average. This can be improved with the right technological solutions. If you implement data analytics tools and systems correctly, you will be able to overcome the complexity of oil and gas operations more easily. In turn, you can expect returns of 30-50 times the initial investment and reduce environmental impacts by minimizing bottlenecks, accidents, and wastage. Check out some more about honeywell furnace gas valve.

Create more digitalized oilfields

Beyond data and incremental improvements, the increasing popularity of digitalization in the oil and gas industry has also given rise to ‘digital oilfields’. This process is slowly but surely rising in prominence. By leveraging big data and cloud technologies, digital oilfields allow for all operational information to be tracked, analyzed, and used in real-time. If you implement the same processes within your company, this will allow you to make safer and greener decisions.

Invest in high-performing equipment

No matter how big or small, each outdated and inefficient piece of equipment can have a negative effect on your processes, and consequently the eco-friendliness of your business. Aim to improve on this aspect by investing in high-performing solutions. For instance, you can buy the best gas lift valve that’s as versatile as it is cost-effective. Being suitable for a number of different well conditions, this valve will enable simple well intervention and give you the opportunity to optimize production over the life of the well. Improved processes will come with higher operational efficiency, and the same is true for any other tools and machinery as well.

Minimize your freshwater usage

Water is a necessary aspect of many oil production processes, whether it’s fracking or separating oil from other elements. This is one of the most wasteful factors in day-to-day operations, which is why many oil and gas companies across the world are deciding to recycle the freshwater they use, managing to recycle between 80 and 95%. However, recycling isn’t the most sustainable solution either. The most innovative businesses are aiming to minimize their freshwater usage from the very beginning. You can do the same by improving your filtration systems and eliminating contamination with better water treatment solutions, like UV.

Focus on oil recycling opportunities

Oil recycling is an older process that’s been in use in the oil and gas sector for quite some time now, but is slowly increasing in popularity across the industry as well. You might also want to think about using micro refineries in an effort to turn waste oil into functional diesel fuel. This is quite an inexpensive solution and even a more commercially viable option compared to a number of conventional oil disposal methods. This can present a great opportunity to reduce oil waste while still fueling market demands.

Think about using renewable energy

Renewable energy is a lucrative and sought-after market, one even oil and gas businesses can tap into. In fact, the number of companies implementing renewable energy solutions is on the rise across the sector. Even though their driving force might be long-term gain, that still means that an increase in investments can enhance the growth and development of the renewable energy sector. To hop on this trend and make your business a bit greener, consider using renewable solutions such as solar energy to power your company.

While oil and gas companies aren’t inherently green, they can still aim for longer-term sustainability. Smart software and modern tools will allow your business to become greener and safer in the future as well.

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