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Study parts of a circle like Radius and Circumference Here!

by Victor

How many circles have you seen? Have you seen hula-hoop circles or Olympic rings? They are circular and in the field of mathematics also this shape is discussed briefly.  If we talk about the circle, there are different parts of a circle like the Radius of a Circle, diameter and many more. Also, every circle has one center point and a circumference and a many more. 

Do you know what is meant by the Circumference of a Circle? If not, we have brought this guide to help you out. Keep reading the post to know what all crucial parts one circle shape has. 

What Is a Circle?

It is a round and enclosed figure in which a set of points are equidistant from a fixed point on the same plane. This enclosed figure is called the circle. In simpler terms, you can describe a circle as the moving point’s locus moving in a fixed plan. In this manner, it will be an equal distance from a fixed point that is always constant and we call it the center of a circle in simpler terms. Drawing a line from the center point to any circumference is called the radius.  

How can you draw a circle?

Drawing a circle is not rocket science! We hope you have the geometry set with compass, protractor, scale and triangle scales. Use these geometries’ set tools to draw the circle. Fix one end of the compass on the paper and another with the pencil of the paper. Ensure that the tip of the pencil and the compass is equal. Or else, you will not be able to draw the circle from the compass. 

Use the ruler if you are required to draw a circle with appropriate measurements. It will help you in drawing the perfect circle. Most of you might think that for the regular purpose of using dishes and other circular shapes you can draw a circle. However, they are not helpful measures for your geometrical knowledge. 

  1. Radius

If you have referred to the above information in the content, you would have understood what is meant by the radius. To know your circle’s radius, use the ruler scale and measure your circle’s diameter. Then divide the diameter by two and there you have derived the radius value.

  1. Circumference of a circle

Enclosed figure-like circles have a specific length also. However, to calculate the same, we cannot use a ruler. The entire length of a circle is called the circle’s circumference. Hence, we use a pi value that is approx. 3.14.. to determine the value of a circumference. 

  1. Chord

It is a segment of a line that joins two different circumferences of a circle. The chord basically divides the circle into two different parts and the longest chord in a circle is the diameter. After all, it also crosses between the center of a circle and touches two different circumference parts. 

  1. Arc of a circle

A smaller part of the circle’s circumference is called an arc. Too many arcs can form one circle. 

  1. Sector

When you draw two radii in a circle and the bounded figure occurs, we call them as sectors. Its shape will look like a pie or a cake’s cutting piece that you like the most.

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