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Amazingly Awesome Gifts For Your Best Friends

by Victor

As social creatures, friendships are a pivotal part of human existence. Introverts or extroverts, we all have other individuals who are crucial in our lives. Neighbors, colleagues, and those we have or do things in common give us a sense of community, but friends are by far the best regarding companionship.

Best friends, in particular, enrich our lives in more ways than any other individual can. They stand out from all the people we know, and in some cases, it seems like our souls are tethered to them. Because of how close these best buddies are to us, their gifts usually matter the most. Their gifts carry more emotional weight, and they typically know exactly what to get.

Now it’s your turn to get your best friend something unique, but we know it’s not a walk in the park. So if your best friend is an art lover, here are some awesome painting ideas to spoil them with on special occasions like their birthday.

A Professionally Painted Portrait

A Professionally Painted Portrait

If your best friend is a photo freak, they will love a painted portrait of themself too. It’s a great way to flatter them tastefully. Do you want it hung on their wall or placed on a desktop? Traditional and composed or contemporary and expressive? You’re allowed to enhance the portrait with your creativity and preferences.

Portraiture can also be merged with other contextual elements.

My life paintings transform regular photos from a person’s daily living into magnificent works of art. For example, you can give “my life painting” of your best friend doing their favorite activity with their family or friends or are at their favorite places with reference photos.

Additionally, painting from photographs provides all the secrecy you need to execute the gift. All you need are some beautiful images of your best friend for the artist to paint from, and your recipient wouldn’t even know what’s coming. In addition, you can include specific elements that might even be missing from the picture, like a different setting and other sentimental motifs.

A Hand-painted Portrait

A Hand-painted Portrait

To your bestie, what could be better than the gifted hands of a skilled artist painting their picture? Your hands! Have you noticed how sentimental parents get over the imperfect and often terrible drawings their kids give them? It’s because the person from whom it came matters more to them beyond the drawing itself.

Trying your best to create an albeit flawed portrait of your best friend might be the exact gift they need. It is also sure to be a conversation starter in whatever space it is kept. The touch of personalization, as well as the effort of depicting them yourself, could be worth more than the works of a dozen famous artists to them.

For an added effect, you could also include yourself in the painting and add several other elements that will stir up sentiments. It’ll be like a handwritten letter on canvas.

A Replica of Their Favorite Painting

A Replica of Their Favorite Painting

Does your best friend have a favorite painting? Then what are you waiting for? Commission a replica painting of it! Replica paintings, also called painting reproductions, are recreations of original paintings. These are different from forgeries because they are not intended to impersonate originals; they are simply copies.

There are three categories of replicas to choose from, depending on your budget and the artist’s expertise. These categories are based on the quality of the painting, and they include Museum Quality, Medium Quality, and Commercial Quality.

The Museum Quality replicas are high-quality copies that are identical to original works and are also the most expensive. On the other hand, medium Quality replicas are just as mediocre dupes, while Commercial Quality replicas are cheap knockoffs. Although it is best to go for what you can afford, it is also important to consider durability. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the first two categories.

Book A Session with the Local Street Artist

Book A Session with the Local Street Artist

If your friend is a true art enthusiast, consider booking a session with one of the local artists. Apart from owning the finished work, some art-lovers will enjoy participating in the creation process. Your friend can bask in the flattery of being the muse for a masterpiece.

The artist could also incorporate your friend into famous works as they pose. In some hours or less, your friend could replace notable characters from famous paintings like the Mona Lisa, American Gothic, and Two Fridas, to name a few.

Additionally, some street artists paint caricatures of people in public. If your friend is the quirky type who wouldn’t mind having a goofy depiction of themself, you could opt for that instead.

A Painting Collage of Key Timelines in Your Friendship

A Painting Collage of Key Timelines in Your Friendship

If you and your best friend have years of friendship under your belt, wouldn’t it be a great idea to put some of your best moments into painting? The painting becomes a compilation of some of your best memories together.

Paintings like this usually make some heartfelt gifts, and your friend will surely get emotional reliving some of the painted moments. It will also be a beautiful reminder for both of you to create more priceless memories together.

Because of the nature of the gift, you would have to work closely with the artist to provide every necessary detail of your friendship. It is also essential to get all details right, so carefully ask questions to confirm facts in a manner that won’t raise suspicions. You wouldn’t want to mix up the memories, would you?


From considering all their favorite things to thinking of fresh ideas that will stand out from all the other gifts, you’ve given, getting your best friend an outstanding gift is a big deal. To do it just right, carefully weigh the options highlighted in this article before selecting the one you think is best for your best pal.

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