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The role of digital credentials in the deployment of digital service platforms

by Victor

Implementing innovative solutions related to increasingly common digitization has become a priority for many companies. Also, the public sector does not want to lag when looking for ways to efficiently digital transformation that will meet the needs of citizens. One of the most dynamically developing elements is virtual credentials.

The gradual digitization of the public sector is already underway

Driving digital transformation in the public sector was not a simple task. Many units initially moved to the virtual sphere, only communicating with users. In practice, submitting an online application (for example, a request for a document) was possible, but the rest of the process was done on the spot, in a traditional form. Only further changes made it possible to deal with most official matters online. Digital credentials have become the next big step on the road to digitization.

It has long been predicted that digital document representations will gradually replace paper versions. The virtual driving licence has become an ideal example of the success of such solutions. It is a digital document containing all the information you can find in its traditional counterpart. The real advantage of such a digital credential is access to it on your smartphone. The document’s owner always has it with him – in the virtual version.

The use of digital credentials in many spheres of life – this is worth knowing

One must go far beyond the official reality when discussing digital credentials. Today, virtual documents work well in any environment. They are used daily (to certify identity) and in educational and medical institutions. The further development of technology has even allowed digital credentials to enter the job market. Thanks to adequately prepared platforms, today, anyone can build a virtual CV that will contain various certificates. If you want to experience the possibilities offered by the latest solutions fully, please refer to this website: https://trustgrid.com/digital-credentials/.

Of course, digital credentials also need to be secured appropriately. What you can see at first glance is limited access to virtual documents. Only their owner can share his documents with others. It is also the user who decides how much information he shares. Equally important, however, are aspects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. First and foremost, it is about encrypting all personal data, setting a data protection policy, processing confidentially, and logging all disclosures.

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