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What to Expect From Using Purple Conditioner for Blonde Hair

by Victor

Purple conditioner is a fabulous product for all blondes. But don’t worry; it won’t turn your ‘do violet! It just makes your color more vibrant by neutralizing yellow and brassy tones that can creep in and spoil your look. It’s ideal for anyone with blonde, platinum, or silver shades, whether natural or dyed. Armed with purple conditioner, some time, and a little care, you can achieve your perfect shade of blonde at home.

Hair Science

Have you recently dyed your hair blonde? Are you noticing your locks looking a little dull? Over time, your natural tone can start to reassert itself from underneath the dye, reducing shine and causing brassiness. This can be particularly obvious if you have a darker natural shade. Usually, the temptation is to just dye your hair again, but repeated bleaching can leave strands dry and damaged. Instead of reaching for that bleach bottle, consider adding purple conditioner to your haircare routine.

Even natural blondes can suffer from coppery tones. Our bodies absorb all kinds of environmental pollutants, and our hair is no different. For example, chlorine from swimming pools can affect hair, as can using hairdryers or flat irons. Even simply being out in the sunshine can result in a tanning effect. Overall, anyone with blonde hair might develop a brassy shade. And if it’s happened to you, purple products may be the answer.

Powerful Purple

Are you looking for a solution to eradicate unsightly tones? This is where purple conditioner swoops in with an answer. It works because purple is opposite to yellow on the color wheel, so the pigments balance each other out. This clever color science means that your light locks stay brighter for longer.

However, toning products can be strong! Be cautious and always follow the instructions on the bottle. You should make sure that you never leave the purple conditioner on for too long, as your hair could adopt a slightly purplish tone. The same goes for using the correct amount. And be especially careful if your hair’s shade is very light, as it will be more prone to picking up different colors.

Used correctly, a purple conditioner will revitalize your hairdo and elevate your look, giving it that fabulous salon-fresh feeling. As with all conditioners, make sure you rinse thoroughly after use to avoid any excess residue. Otherwise, product buildup will make your hair feel greasy and lifeless.

Is It Only for Blondes?

Although usually marketed for blondes, people with other hair colors can also benefit from a purple conditioner. For brunettes, it emphasizes shine and prevents color fading. If you have highlights or an ombré, it will also help keep your tone in tip-top condition. If you have a bright red do, toning conditioner is useful to mute any yellow colors. The product brings out your rich red shade and makes it last longer.

How to Use

As the chemicals can stress and dry out your locks, it’s best not to use a specialist conditioner for each wash. Instead, use it every other time and intersperse it with your regular conditioning products. That way, you’ll still get the benefits without compromising the overall quality and health of your hair. Everyone is different, so finding the balance between your routine and purple products can be a bit of an experiment. If your hair starts to feel more brittle, try using a little less.

Other Products

It’s not just conditioner that comes in this groovy shade! Those who want to keep their blonde or platinum tones ultra-bright can also use purple shampoo. Treatments like masks may help as well.

Whichever product you choose, always follow the instructions on the packet carefully. You don’t want to use it too often or leave it on for too long. If you have very light hair, it may help to start off with a shorter time than indicated, just in case.

Stay Blonde With the Right Conditioner Today

You’re right to seek more information on the perfect method to maintain blonde hair. After all, your flowing locks are the key to confidence. On that note, check out the purple conditioner by Hair Jazz. It works brilliantly when combined with the product line’s purple shampoo and hair mask, all developed especially for blonde hair. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to enjoy that radiant freshly dyed color for longer!

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