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Why should you buy a refurbished iPad rather than a new one in Australia?

by Marketgit Team

If you’re looking for an iPad, you might want to consider upgrading from your old model. But why would you do that when there’s always the option to buy a new one instead?

In many cases, buying a refurbished or second-hand iPad is a much better idea. Here’s why
The benefits of buying a refurbished iPad can be huge. It could save you money on a brand-new device, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that the device isn’t used by anyone else and is guaranteed to work perfectly.

You can get a great deal on a refurb because most retailers will have them available at a discount compared to a new one. It’s also worth noting that some retailers will even offer free returns if something goes wrong.

What makes an iPad “refurbished”?

When we say “refurbished” here, we mean that the iPad has been returned to Apple. If you’ve bought a new iPad from another retailer, chances are it hasn’t been through a return process before being sent out to you. Apple takes its own devices back after they’ve been used for a certain amount of time and, depending on the device, it may not be able to sell them back to Apple for their original price. That means you’ll usually find yourself paying more for a refurbished model. This is where buying a refurb comes in handy.

There are other types of refurbished products too, such as refurbished TVs, laptops, and phones. These are still sold via third-party sellers and may be slightly cheaper than a new product, but they aren’t often as good as a new one either. If you’re looking for a phone, for example, you’d probably be better off getting a cheap unlocked model from China. It’s hard to know which models are refurbished and which ones are truly first-time purchases.

How do I choose between a refurbished and a new iPad?

If you’re just looking to upgrade your iPad, then you don’t need to worry about this – and you shouldn’t. You can go ahead and buy a brand-new one without any hassle. That’s because most retailers won’t charge you extra for shipping to your location, nor will they charge you sales tax for Australian buyers.

That doesn’t mean that there are no differences between a refurb and a new product though. The main difference is that a refurb is usually newer. While it isn’t necessarily better, it’s likely to have less wear and tear on the body and screen. Refurbished iPads may also come with an additional warranty. They’re also more likely to have been returned to Apple for repair rather than being sold to someone else.

Which Refurbished iPads should I buy in Australia?

 This depends on what kind of iPad you want. Most people prefer buying refurbished Apple iPads, especially when they’re under $500. This is because these devices tend to be cheaper, and therefore you can pick up a great deal. However, if you’re willing to pay more for a new device, you’ll get slightly better specs and durability, which is always appreciated.

iPads are a bit different because there are so many options. They’re all pretty similar, however, so you’ll have no trouble finding a good deal if you shop around. The best thing to do is to look for a seller with a positive feedback rating and lots of reviews. You’ll also want to check things like the condition of the product and make sure the photos match what the item looks like.

Should I buy a refurbished iPad?

 Yes, absolutely! Buying a refurbished iPad from any reputable retailer in Australia like Jb Hifi, Phonebot & Harvey Norman saves you money and provides you with a device that’s been thoroughly tested.
They’ll usually have a small markdown applied, but it’s nothing major, and you can usually find a good deal. It’s important to note that these aren’t brand-new iPads, so you’ might not going to get the latest version of iOS or the new features. Instead, you’ll be getting the previous generation of hardware.
However, you’re still going to get something very solid and reliable. Many companies will send their old units back to Apple for inspection and repair. So, you can rest assured that everything is in perfect working order and that the phone is fully covered under Apple’s warranty. Just keep in mind that you won’t receive the latest software updates and will miss out on some cool new features.

Can you get a refund on refurbished items?

Yes, you can get a refund if you purchase a refurbished product online. There’s no reason to believe that you won’t get the same level of support and customer service that you would with a brand-new unit. Some stores will allow you to return the unit within 30 days of receiving it, while others will offer you a full refund.

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