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Why You Should Study Cybersecurity In 2022

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In the last few years, cybersecurity has become a major area of job growth, which has resulted from a growing number of persons choosing a career in cybersecurity. That is to say, studying cybersecurity is becoming more popular.

Since we are in the digital age, cybercriminals get numerous opportunities to exploit governments, individuals, and even companies. Meanwhile, to serve as a defense against these attacks and security breaches, a lot of companies, either big or small, do not mind paying a handsome salary to experts that can help them devise a plan to maintain their cybersecurity every time.

This is usually more cost-effective than trying to recover data that has already been lost to these hackers and cybercriminals.

However, there are people who are still confused as to whether they should dive into the waters of cybersecurity. Hence, this article’s purpose is why you should study cybersecurity in 2022.

Why You Should Study Cybersecurity In 2022

Jobs In Cybersecurity are High In Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for cybersecurity experts is projected to have a 33% growth from 2020-2030. This percentage is bigger than the national average, which implies that the field will expand over the years.

The high demand for these professionals in information security comes from the fact that several jobs now have automated vital sections. That is, the majority of the information about a company is stored online, which has a direct contribution to the increase in cyber attacks.

The major data breaches that have occurred in the past few years have proved just how much a cyber attack can negatively affect a company. This is one of the reasons companies would now very much hire several security experts rather than tolerate cyber attacks.

Hence, gaining the knowledge and experience required in software security will give you the competitive edge needed to get a position in this digital age.

A Variety of Jobs to Choose From

Studying cybersecurity grants you the opportunity to critically look at the variety of jobs in the field and find the one that best matches your interest and skill sets. Some of the jobs in cybersecurity you can choose to specialize in include security architect, white hat hacker, digital forensics expert, cybersecurity analyst, security software developer, etc.

In addition, studying cybersecurity will give you the liberty to choose any industry to work in, whether in a school, hospital, government agency, or a top-secret military agency. You will not be restricted to a single industry.

A High Potential For Personal Growth

Since the rate of cyber attacks is continuously increasing, cybersecurity professionals are always busy working to outsmart the black hat hackers, analyze the risk in an organization, and patch vulnerabilities.

Studying cybersecurity will give you the basic and advanced skills needed to make a career out of your studies through the mastering of analysis, networks, cloud computing, etc.

Dealing with such attacks in an ever-increasing field requires thorough research and continuous study. This means after you get a degree/certification in cybersecurity and start working, the knowledge you have acquired will continuously get enriched. With various experiences, your wisdom also tends to get continuously honed.

Hence, the sky will be your limit regarding personal growth.

A Job that Does Not Get Boring

A Job that Does Not Get Boring

Due to the fact that the future is unpredictable, studying cybersecurity in 2022 means you are choosing a career that cannot be static, nor can it become stale.

Cybersecurity is a field that gets you challenged on a regular basis. There will never be an end to new and unexpected failures. There will also always be amazing discoveries. It is certain that attackers will continue to develop new exploits, and it will be your role as a cybersecurity professional to continue to find creative and optimized solutions to the rising problems of cyber attacks.

Moreover, as a cybersecurity expert, you will get to solve new puzzles, fight off new demons, and support discoveries and activities regularly. Combining these guarantees you will not be bored as a cybersecurity professional. Rather, you will always find yourself engaged in one thing or another.

Hence, if the reason you are skeptical about studying cybersecurity in 2022 is that you easily get bored and you are scared you might get bored as a cybersecurity expert, don’t worry; cybersecurity does not get boring.

Getting Paid a High Salary

Just like any other in-demand field without enough applicants, being a cybersecurity professional will get you paid a lot.

There are several high-paying roles in the field that you can take up, which include a chief information security officer, cloud engineer, information security manager, security architect, director of information security, network security engineer, and penetration tester, among others. The higher your rank is, the more money you give yourself the privilege to earn.

However, before you can achieve this, it is essential that you complete a degree program in cybersecurity. After that, your job security can be guaranteed; so far you are good at what you do.

Networking Opportunities

When you decide to study cybersecurity, you will get to interact with people of like minds. You will also have the privilege to connect with alumni.

The knowledge you will gain through connection will not only be helpful for you in completing your program, but it will also help you advance in your career, considering the fact that through connection, you will be gaining additional knowledge, and insight, as well as a diversity of opinion.

Get a Cybersecurity Degree!

Get a Cybersecurity Degree!

The entire point of cybersecurity is to protect companies from potential threats. This makes you a hero daily, and preventing or solving a cyber crime helps to add excitement and recognition to your career.

Thus, the way to get started in the field in 2022 is by obtaining a degree in cybersecurity. After that, you can gain the meaningful employment that you need, as well as enjoy the benefits of studying cybersecurity that has been mentioned above.

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