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Words Used for Welcome in Different Languages

by Uneeb Khan

We use many greetings in our daily life while some greetings are universal. One of them is welcome. There is a friendly or conversational greeting in almost every language on earth. Learn how to greet guests in every continent’s native language to expand your linguistic horizons.

Learning new languages is fun. ‘Welcome’ is one of the first words we learn when we learn a new language. If you’re curious about the differences in greetings or are learning a new language, explore these methods.

The Roman alphabet is not typically used in languages from the Middle East and Asia. Middle Eastern or Asian characters are usually used instead. Korean uses the syllabic script hangul to write its language.

Thus, when discussing how to say ‘welcome’ in these countries, we will use their pronunciation. Find out how welcome is pronounced in different parts of Asia.

Africa has some unique languages, ranging from tribal languages to click languages. In spite of the difficulty of covering all the languages of Africa, let’s explore different ways of saying “welcome” in African languages.

Different unique languages are spoken on more than 2,000 islands around the world, just like they are in Africa or Europe. 

Some ancient tribal languages have a long history, like Maori; however, other languages, like Filipino, have evolved from other languages, like Tagalog. The word ‘welcome’ has different meanings in several island languages.

Even though many of the languages spoken in North America and South America originated on other continents like Europe, there are a few native languages. Here are some Native American languages where you can learn how to say ‘welcome’.

It’s important to make a good first impression when visiting a new country. Knowing how to say ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’ in the different languages is therefore critical. 

No matter how little you know about the language, you will still be able to get your message across. Learning words like ‘welcome’ in several languages can be a great way to become multilingual. Additionally, you can expand your greeting repertoire by learning.

Below is a list of languages with their respective words for how to say welcome in different languages. The word will appear in many languages, as well as how to pronounce it. Next to the words, you will see abbreviations like pl. (plural), sing.

10 Words for Welcome in Different Languages 

Many words are used for welcome in different language. In this article, we have mentioned 10 words of the different languages. 

Welcome in Czech

The word used for welcome in Czech language is “vitejte” 

Welcome in Dutch 

The Dutch word is “welkom” which is just like English word welcome. 

Welcome in Polish 

“witamy” is the word used for welcome in Polish Language. 

Welcome in Turkish 

Turkish word for welcome is “hosgeldiniz” which is used commonly.

Welcome in Afrikaans

The word “welkom” is used in Afrikaans language for welcome. 

Welcome in IGBO

Igbo language word is “nnabata” used for welcome.

Welcome in Indonesian

Indonesian language word for welcome is “selamat dating”

Welcome in French 

The French word for welcome is “Bienvenue”

Welcome in Italian

The Italian word used for welcome is “benvenuto”

Welcome in Portuguese

The Portuguese word “bem vinda” is used for welcome.

A gesture of welcome is intended to encourage and support something. Greetings, pleasure, and courtesy are used to welcome people. The word welcome is formal. We come across it so often every day. 

Take the example of lending your friend a pen. Your reply would be “you’re always welcome”. His reply would be “thank you for this favor”.

You and I, at some point or another, must have known someone who speaks a language different from the one we speak. I was one of them. I assume that people whose first language is not English, due to its status as the lingua franca of the world, would find it challenging to converse in English, though with time and practice they will get better at it.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if we knew a few simple words to greet them? We’d be friendly, as well as welcoming. If you have a Spanish-speaking friend or partner, they will appreciate you greeting them in their language.

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