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Blackboard DCCCD: eCampus login and Registration Process in 2022

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There are top-ranking online platforms in the United States to which you find the relevant educational material. The most leading and authentic source of getting informative and helping material is Blackboard DCCD eCampus. If you are looking for an authentic source then I will suggest you read this article which is totally about the login and registration process of Blackboard DCCCD.

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What is Blackboard DCCCD?

Blackboard DCCCD is an online web-based service that provides informational and educational services to Dallas College students.  Actually, the full form of DCCCD is Dallas County Community College District and this is an eCampus service.

Online activity has been increased that’s why the Dallas College officials introduced this magnificent eCampus platform where it provides services to the students like course selection, online enrollment, paying tuition fees, online certificates, and so on.

What are the fundamentals for Application?

Just like other universities and colleges, it has its own learning management system. It has rules, regulatins and requiements . So before joining the DCCCD eCampus community, read the ground rules:

  • As you are going to be part of higher education so you should be fresh minded to participate
  • Due to COVID-19 pendamic you are bound to follow SOPs that is essential for you and others as well regarding health
  • If you are applying for the first time the DCCCD will acquire the previous documents
  • Unlike double credit secondary school, DCCCD is not the same

As I mentioned above that you have to provide some documents before applying to eCampus DCCCD for the first time.

  • You must be 18 or above 18 years’ old
  • Must be have International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) and General Education Diploma (G.E.D)
  • Your graduation must be from a registered secondary school

DCCCD blackboard login processs

We explained it into four types, you can easily understand it and log in easily. Make sure you follow all steps and procedures then you will be able to log in for the first time in DCCCD online without any troubles:

Well, it is quite easy for DCCCD login for the first time. Just follow the instructions given below to avoid any unhappy moment. Here I am showing four different types for login:

Enter the Dallas College Username

There will be two options, first for “Students” and second for “Faculty”. Choose the appropriate option that suits you.

However, you will see two options, one for Students and the second for Faculty. Now, select the correct option according to your tag.

Enter the Dallas College Username

After that, two tricky points to be noted here. The student username starts with a letter e that is mentioned on your seven-digit student identity card. The username will be like e1234567. This username will be part of your student email as well like e1234567@student.dcccd.edu.

For the faculty, the username will start with three letters and then four numbers (for example, abc1234). Did you notice, employee ID (e.g., abc1234@dcccd.edu) is normally called your “3×4” and you can easily access services like Outlook and eConnect?

The username for faculty staff starts will three alphabets and four numeric numbers like xyz1234. An employee identity card (e.g., abc1234@dcccd.edu) is know as “3×4” and you can access services like Outlook and eConnect.

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Enter the Dallas College Password

In this part, you have to enter the eConnect password then you will be able to access the student or faculty dashboard. Don’t worry if you forgot the password and want to reset it, you can follow the instruction mentioned there. There will be three options, you have to choose one appropriate option that suits you according to your requirements.

  • Yes, I have enrolled in SSPR.
  • No, I have not enrolled in SSPR.
  • I don’t know. What is SSPR?

After selecting the appropriate option, you must click the link mentioned there and you will be redirected to the forgotten password page. Where you have to enter Gmail or username and then enter letters in the image or words in the sound. Then click “Next” and follow the additional steps.

Enter the Dallas College Password

Log in with Dallas College Online Services Screen

If you have a DCD username and password you can easily log in, although eCampus is powered by Blackboard, you will be using the Dallas College Online Services Screen to log in. The image below, what it looks like:

Make sure you go out

Remember, when you leave Campus, you must be logged in to the online Backboard DCCCD platform. it is important that you get out completely. Follow these steps when you can fully exit:

  • Click the exit button specified in the top right corner of the eCampus screen
  • When you click the exit button, you will receive a “blackboard message”
  • Then click the “Finish SSO Session” button
  • You can now close your browser settings.

I hope you have understood, if you still have trouble signing in then click the “You can’t sign in yet” button mentioned there.

Common Login Problems in Backboard DCCCD

If you are experiencing problems with eCampus access and encounter the following error message Log in from the board, enter your browser settings and clear the web browser cache / cookies.

Be sure to use the appropriate browser approved for Backboard DCCCD. Here are some of the browsers you should use and DCCCD recommends these.

  • Chrome
  • Edge2
  • Firefox
  • Safari

To ensure that you have successfully registered online for DCCCD if not, you should visit the official DCCCD web page “https://www.dallascollege.edu/admissions/pages/admissions-offices.aspx” and apply.

For research, contact your unit to ensure that your studies are on the Campus and that you are listed as a Co-Partner trainer.

Final Words

This article is about the “Backboard DCCCD”, and here it describes all the basic and essential elements that define the backboard DCCCD system. I think this is the best online education platform in the USA. In addition, you can also check out “Tutflix” for an online education community.

FAQs about Blackboard DCCCD

What is the full form of DCCCD?

The full form of DCCCD is Dallas County Community College District which provides an eCampus service for the Dallas College students.

How do I log into dcccd on the blackboard?

Login into dcccd on the blackboard is an easy task, follow the instruction mentioned below:
1: Visit an official webpage “https://ecampus.dcccd.edu/”
2: Click on “Access Courses Now
3: Enter the “Username” and “Password”.

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