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Remembering the Blessings: Gift Ideas for Religious Friends this Christmas

by Uneeb Khan

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is the time for fun and the blessing to spread faith and spirituality among friends and family members. There are excellent ways to circulate this beauty of Christmas, and one such is sending religious gifts. There are Christian bookstores online which have Bibles for sale around December. Make use of this opportunity to circulate spirituality with fulfilment.

Check out this list to know more about Custom Keychain and gift ideas for this Christmas.


There is no better Christmas gift than Bible. There are Bibles for sale out there during the Christmas season to ensure people worldwide read and remember the blessings from the Lord. Different bibles which are included in the 2021 Christmas catalogue are as follows:

1)The Message: New Testament

2)The Action Bible

3)NIV Children’s Holy Bible

4)NLT filament Bible

5)NRSV Holy Bible

6)The Passion: New Testament

7)ESV Thompson Bible

8)ESV Study Bible

2)Tshirts with Bible quotes

T-shirts are valuable gifts for any friend. Use the quotes of the Bible and print them on the t-shirts. Either choose the friend’s favourite quotes or the popular ones like Luke 6:31 or John 16:33. Wearing these t-shirts reminds anyone who reads the passage about the importance of respect and generosity towards people regardless of race, religion, gender, and politics. Jesus asked to treat people as they were the self. Let this lesson spread this Christmas by using this gift idea.

3)Proverb mugs

Mugs are always unique when it comes to gifting. Customise coffee mugs with sayings from the Holy Bible. Let the friend remember the beautiful and inspiring preaching of Jesus Christ with every sip of the coffee. Let the cup be a reason to strengthen their faith.

4)Proverb Keychain

Proverb 27:9 is popularly used in keychains. It is all about the power of friendship and brotherhood. It is the best gift that can be given this season.

5)Bracelet with Bible Verse

Steal the show by wearing a bracelet with Bible verse at the Christmas party. Gold, silver or bronze, whatever the metal is, will capture the heart of the family member or friend who gets this gift. Choose a quote like a proverb 16:36 or Mathew 5:16 and brand it on the metal. A smooth leather band can be attached to it. There are online websites that create them with perfection. These daily wear bands will strengthen the love for God in the person for sure!

6)Devotional Journal

There are devotional journals in the form of passages and quotes which are helpful to connect with the Almighty every day. These 365days journals are the best gift for people of any age. Check out some suggestions for the best choice available in the market.

A)Amazing Grace

B)Psalms Reading Journal

C)Grace Upon Grace

D)Handy Sized Journal

E)Roman Reading Journal

F)Sermon Notes Journal


To enhance the love for reading in the kids and help the old ones utilise the free time for reading and learning new things through faith and spirituality, gift them books. There is an illustrated version of the Bible, which will be attractive and easy to understand for the children. Writers like Max Lucado, Shannon Bream, Jenny Jenkins, David Jeremiah and Michael Youssef have their bestsellers around the tales of Jesus Christ and the lessons he spread the world. Christmas in Winter Hill and The Wish Book Christmas is the best on the list, which will amaze the child in any person for sure.

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