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How To Use Video To Grow Your Online Presence

by Marketgit Team

The rise of video content is very apparent from social media today. Instagram has made an official statement many months back stating that they are no longer photo-sharing applications. This demand and supply of videos have made this format an irreplaceable form of online content.  

Both consuming and creating videos today is much easier. Most platforms are phone-compatible, and users spend endless hours on these social media platforms. The presence of an online video editor has further made it straightforward for creators to edit and upload quickly. 

Growing your online presence without videos is close to impossible today. So, if you are late to the game, what are some ways to get ahead of the curve?

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We can divide online videos into two categories, informational and entertaining. They are both equally important to make a mark online and grow an audience. Here are some ways to do this: 

Type One: Informative Videos 

These videos aim to educate, inform or enlighten the users about not just the brand but also another segment of your business. The informative content is some of the most consumed formats online, and making such videos can bring you a massive reach. 

The content is not limited to your product or service but caters to the whole business. For example, if your business sells car accessories, all the content is not limited to them according to themself. You can also make videos about car purchases, styling, new trends in the market, and much more. 

We can further break this format down into a few categories as follows: 


Interviews with the right people are a perfect way to enhance online presence. Having relevant guests helps to be the right eyeballs to your brand page and expand the user base.

These pieces of content are also easier to produce for the brand and consumers of the users. They are marketable as a podcast, too, which can tap into a much wider listenership. 

Thought Leadership 

Like in the case of interviews, the use of thought leadership can also bring in a massive footfall to your social media pages. These are usually an elaboration on the brand or the founder’s ideologies about the business. 

In the form of well-crafted videos featuring the people behind the business, they can inspire and enlighten the users while constantly leading them to the brand. This format of the content is especially helpful when selling services like online courses, medical, and healthcare. 


Testimonial videos are a simple and direct way to showcase the real reviews of your brand, product, or service. These are very commonly used in the B2B business to showcase the client’s real opinions. 

While marketing and sales are an integral part of any business, the words of a genuine consumer can help build more trust in the brand. You can ask your customers to talk to a camera, create videos of consumers enjoying the product, or animate existing online reviews. 

Reviews are also a wonderful way to create an authentic brand and also open up the content options to using influencers. 

How To and Case Study 

One of the most searched and most consumed forms of content is the “how-to” or explainer videos. These are videos that educate the users about a specific pain point. As blogs and user manuals turn outdated, these videos are the need of the hour. 

“How to” content should address the frequently asked problems of the consumer in a way that plugs your brand. 


Take your explainer videos a step further and make full-length documentaries about your domain of business. Unlike explainer videos, these are longer, more elaborate, and aim to provide a wholesome overview of your product or business. 

These could cover videos like the making of a product, the birth of an idea, the behind-the-scenes of your factory, and much more. As long as the content remains engaging, users will keep your brand at the top of their minds.  

Type Two: Entertaining Videos 

The genre of video content that you must explore to create a wholesome online experience is the use of entertaining videos. These are light-hearted content that is sharable and easy for the consumer. 

A few ways to use entertaining content are as follows: 

Short-Form Content 

Short-form content is the new rage on the internet. With more platforms like Tiktok and Instagram making their short-form content the heroes, they are elementary in building a strong online brand. 

Use the Reels tool on Instagram to make the most of your daily short-form content posting. They work on a passive feed (just like Tik Tok) and help to discover new audiences. 

This form of content can be animations, trend-based videos, comedy sketches, music videos, and much more. The aim is to provide sufficient content each day to keep your users entertained and new users curious. 

With the boom of short-form videos today, an online video editor can become an advantage. They have simple templates that allow anyone to make daily short videos for social media in just a few minutes. 

Live Videos 

Live videos or live streaming is not easier than ever. The use of Youtube live, or Instagram Live has made it effortless to create live streams. These types of videos help interact with the existing users and take minimal effort to make. 


A video series is a string of videos that occur weekly that aim to entertain the users. These are in the form of sketches, explainers, or any other format. The goal is to keep a fixed theme and make more videos one-after-another. 

The theme of these videos is based on the product domain. For example, if you run an online apparel brand, then a series about fashion trends, makeovers, or tutorials will grab the attention of your ideal target audience. 

Making a series also leads users from one video to the other and enables them to consume more of your content from the same genre. 

Final tips For Better Online Presence

Lastly, here are a few points to make the most of your online content. 

  • Ensure you link your keywords to the videos. These keywords the brand finds the exact audience they need and reflect on relevant suggestions. 
  • Stick to the brand guidelines. Do not use the same video across platforms. Modify them to fit each platform. 
  • Create content based on the interests of the audience. Give them more of what they like. 
  • Promote your work. Merely uploading content will get you very minimal results. 
  • Stick to a consistent posting schedule. With a sea of videos online, it is easy to turn irrelevant. Keep at it, and you will see your audience grow. 

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