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Jazz Balance Share Code: How to Share Jazz Balance in 2022 (Updated)

by Marketgit Team

Jazz has a variety of regular users all over Pakistan. With the rise of smartphones like 5g and 4g mobile phones price in Pakistan, Jazz continues to offer Its affordable packages, fast internet speed, and productivity of its call service make it a brand. The Jazz provides multiple services like VIP calls, free Facebook, and many more. One of the best services the Jazz provides is to share Jazz balance with your loved one. Yes, you can share the Jazz balance with your friend or any person having a Jazz network. But the question arises that how to share Jazz balance or what is Jazz balance share code?

In a previous article, I have written down that how to check Jazz balance but in this article, I will cover all these things about sharing a balance to a Jazz number, so let’s start:

How to share Jazz to Jazz balance (updated):

  • Open your mobile dialer
  • Type the code in this format: *100*jazz number*sharing amount#
  • Press the send button and you will a prompt message, type 1 for confirmation
  • Your balance will be shared to your friend or family member
  • 4.77+ tax per transaction will be applied
Jazz Balance Share Code

Details: Initially, open your cell phone’s dialer and dial the code *100*jazz number*sharing amount#. In this code, the jazz number will be your friend’s Jazz number and sharing amount is the amount that you want to share with your friend. The full format will be like this:


Now after setting up this code, press the send button and a prompt message will be displayed on your mobile screen and asks you to confirm the transaction by typing 1 (Haan) or type 0 (Cancel) to cancel the transaction process.

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Terms and Conditions

  • you can only share Jazz credit if your receiver has Jazz number. You cannot share amount to any other mobile network operator like Zong, Ufone or Telenor but you can check Ufone balance.
  • This code is valid for Jazz prepaid users only
  • Only Prepaid Jazz customers can share balance by this jazz to jazz balance share code
  • The charges and codes to share Jazz balance could be changed by the Jazz company. For more details, visit the Jazz official site.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jazz Balance Share

How can I check my jazz balance?

Dial *111# from your mobile and your remaining balance will be displayed on the mobile screen. Small charges will be applied.

What is the code to share jazz balance?

Jazz share balance code is *100*jazz number*sharing amount#.

How much we can share jazz balance?

You can send jazz balance to any jazz number between 15 to 500 Rupees.

What is jazz balance share limit?

Jazz balance share limit to send the credit is Rs. 500 per day. You can share more balance next day.

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