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How to Check Jazz Balance? 100 % Working Codes in 2022

by Marketgit Team

Jazz is the first GSM operator in Pakistan and it was launched and delivered its services in 1994 and now it is a competing cellular service in Pakistan. Millions of customers use the Jazz SIM due to its better service and affordable packages. Many customers use this operator but they don’t know that how to check Jazz balance or what is Jazz balance check code? In this guide I am going to share some unique and working methods:

1. Dial *111# to check Jazz balance

  • Open dialer or keypad
  • Dial *111# from your cell phone
  • Your remaining balance will be displayed
  • 0.24pkr charges will be applied
Dial *111#

Details: Open your Keypad or dialer on your cell phone and dial *111# from your cell phone. After a few seconds, your remaining Jazz balance will be displayed automatically o your mobile screen. The small charges (0.24pkr) will be applied after each balance check inquiry. So the new balance will be different at each balance check. This code is valid for all Jazz prepaid users.

Jazz balance check codeCharges per inquiry
*111#0.20 PKR

2. Dial *444*6*2# to for balance inquiry

  • Open your keypad or dialer
  • Type *444*6*2# from the mobile
  • Your available balance will be displayed along with your current package
  • 0.24pkr charges will be applied
Dial *444*6*2# to check Jazz balance

Details: First, open your dialer from your iPhone or android and dial *444*6*2#. A prompt text will appear on your mobile screen that shows your available balance and your current package. This Jazz balance check code also shows the information about your current package and some further options.
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Actually, this code *444*6*2# explore three more options:

My Package info: To check the current Jazz package information.

Change of Package: To change the current Jazz Package.

Active offer Offer Incentive: To check the active offers on the current Jazz SIM.

Jazz balance check codeCharges per inquiry
*444*6*2#0.20 PKR

3. Install Jazz World app for Jazz balance inquiry

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Install Jazz World app and open it
  • Enter your Jazz mobile number and press login
  • You will see available balance on top of the screen
  • No charges
 Install Jazz World app for Jazz balance inquiry

Details: If you don’t have the Jazz World app, then open your play store from android or apple store from iPhone and install the Jazz World app. After installing, open this app and enter your Jazz mobile number. Now press the login button. Your available balance will be shown on the top of the mobile screen. There are no charges to check the balance online.

Keep in mind that only android and iOS users can use this app to check Jazz balance free online.

 There are too many options in the Jazz World app so you can activate your desired package very easily. You can check available Jazz minutes, MBs, and SMS as well. Jazz Cash app also gives daily free internet Jazz MBs so you have to claim daily rewards by signing in to this app. You can check Zong Mbs to acquire your internet data of Zong and also check Zong number.

4. Check Jazz balance by WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows users to check the balance online at zero cost. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp and save 03003008000 to your contacts
  • Type the message Hi through WhatsApp
  • Then type 4 and send it
  • You will see your balance details
Check Jazz balance by WhatsApp

Details: If you are using a smartphone and have a Jazz prepaid sim, just save the 03003008000 number into your phone book. This is Jazz’s official WhatsApp number. Now type the message Hi and hit the send icon. You will see some options and you type 4 and send it. You will see all the details about your balance, MBs and Minutes. This method is totally free to check Jazz MBs, Minutes, and balance.

5. Call 111 for Jazz balance inquiry

If you are a Jazz prepaid user, then you can call 111 to the Jazz helpline and acquire your remaining balance. Only 0.72pkr will be applied to hear your balance.

Jazz balance check helpline codeCharges per call
1110.72 PKR

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my Jazz package details?

You can check your Jazz package details by dialing *444*6*2# from your smartphone. There are 0.24pkr charges on per balance inquiry.

 How can I check my Jazz minutes and MBs?

Open the Jazz World app to check your Jazz Package details. You will see your remaining Minutes, MBs, and Messages. There are no extra charges to check Jazz minutes MBs by the Jazz World app.

How to check jazz balance usage history?

Open your Jazz World app and tab on My Jazz and then press View History. The app will send OPT, enter OPT and check jazz balance usage history.

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