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Society and Drug Abuse: Helping The Society Curb Durg Abuse

by Victor

People of all walks of life have been exposed to drug abuse in one way or another. Persons under depressing situations may opt for a puff for a drink to dismiss their current predicaments. However, such measures may lead to addiction and dependency, creating personal health and social problems. With the increasing number of drug and substance abuse cases, multiple campaigns are set to help with drug abuse awareness. Here are some measures the government, non-governmental organizations, and society at its lowest level can take in helping minimize the growing numbers of substance abuse victims.

Societies To Nature Hobbies And Talents

Hobbies make use of the free time that unemployed young people use to participate in abusing drugs. Extra activities will also help nurture young talent for the unemployed and the employed. Such hobbies may become resourceful in the long run and help generate income. Hobbies may include free weaving lessons, pottery, mending clothes, playing outdoor sports, or fixing furniture. Such talents may help reduce the number of drug abuse cases.

Persuade Victims To Get Treatment

When a person becomes addicted to drugs, it becomes difficult to stay without using them. Society should develop programs to fund people willing to go for rehabilitation in such extremes. Choosing rehabilitation is the initial step to recovery. The healing process is a difficult one for the individual and the community due to possible relapse. In rehab such as Pinnacle Recovery (https://pinnaclerecoveryut.com/) the patient goes through the following:

Detoxification Process

It involves the removal of toxic substances from the body through medicinal approaches. Detoxification effects vary from one person to another, depending on the extent of addiction and the nature of the drug abuse. Also, if the patient was abusing more than one drug, it may take longer to recover. Side effects may include hallucination, sweating, vomiting, and loss of appetite. The patient under detoxification is closely monitored to control diverse effects.

Individual Therapy

It involves having sessions with a psychiatrist who helps the victim identify the cause of their drug abuse. Such discussions help in building self-confidence and accepting oneself. It also helps in building decision-making skills and confidence. Individual therapy also gives the patient a chance to express their innermost feelings and fears that may make them opt to take drugs. For instance, it may be difficult for a person to discuss personal trauma and start taking drugs to keep off memories. With the help of a professional, such people are helped to manage loss without using drugs. Therapy also helps people from relapsing.

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves at least one professional and ten members under-recovery sessions. Members discuss their journey of improvement and the possible difficulties they encounter when recovering. The session also involved discussing tactics to curb peer pressure and the urge to take drugs. The sessions create confidence in the patient in believing that they can heal.


Campaigns are made on all social levels. At schools, topics on drug abuse are introduced to create awareness for the youth about the effects of abusing drugs. At work levels, employees can get leaflets that provide awareness of the dangers of using drugs. Most people lose their jobs due to abuse of drugs that may result in violence and low work output. Awareness also includes the effects of drugs on the body and private life.

Drug abuse reduces the quality of life in society. A community largely affected by drug abuse is likely to have social-economic problems, family problems, and individual health and social problems. It should therefore come up with social campaigns to create awareness. In the case of extreme drug abuse, the community can encourage rehabilitation. Hobbies and talent also play a significant role in keeping the young from drug abuse.    

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