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The 5 Best Storage Woking Podcasts of 2022

by Victor

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed on the go. Millions of people listen to podcasts daily, whether they are out for the morning walk or going to work through a long commute. You can literally find hundreds of podcasts on every possible topic regarding diversity. This audio medium is highly popular not with only young people but with the elderly as well. 

What if we tell you, you can carry on your daily mundane chores like cooking in the kitchen or mowing the lawn and never be bored even for a second? This is exactly what podcasts help you do. You can now double your productivity by performing your chores and listening to a podcast of your choice. If you live in Woking and want to collect some information about the storage industry, we have some amazing storage Woking podcasts recommendations for you. 

Why listen to storage podcasts?

The storage industry is not as simple as it may seem, whether to rent a storage unit or have a storage business; getting information should be your number one goal. We all know knowledge is power, and what better way of gaining knowledge right from the professionals. 

Self Storage Woking podcasts will help you broaden your horizon as a business owner. They eye out for the latest trends and demand. It will also let you know what the general population looks for when looking for a storage unit. Some podcasts invite well-established storage business owners’ guests and give tips to succeed in the business. 

If you are a storage rookie and have no idea how to go about it, it can give you all the necessary information. It will tell you how to choose a perfect storage unit, it will tell you how to organize your organized unit like a pro. Want all this information, that too, without investing time or money? Tune in to any of the following storage Woking podcasts and embark on your self-storage journey with confidence. 

Hacking Self-Storage

Hacking Self-Storage is a podcast aimed at storage business owners. You can listen to this podcast once a week live or record it whenever you get the time. This podcast will tell you all the nitty-gritty of the storage industry and how to sustain yourself in this business. If you are thinking of starting your self-storage business or struggling to keep your existing storage business afloat, this is the podcast for you. 

Professionals and experts in the storage industry will help you guide through the business aspects of the storage industry and give your insight. You can learn ways to increase your revenues, attract new clients and sustain your existing ones. The great thing is it is a weekly podcast, so you don’t have to invest much time in it. 

Sounds of Storage

Sounds of storage is a podcast that is meant for people who are passionate about the storage business. This podcast will equip you with all the necessary information on starting, running, and successfully owning a storage business. You get to hear interviews and discussions of storage industry pioneers, which gives insight into the storage business. You get to tune in to this podcast to listen to years of wisdom in a casual and relaxed manner. 

Sounds of Storage podcast is widely popular among storage business owners as it gives first-hand information of all the development. You get to learn about expansion, revenue, real estate, marketing strategies, and management of the storage business. 

Self-Storage with Anthony McHenry

Self-storage with Anthony McHenry’s podcast is for people who want to invest in a storage unit but have no idea what a good storage unit is. This podcast will guide you towards your perfect storage unit. It helps consumers distinguish good storage providers from bad, and it helps them determine their perfect storage unit. 

Selecting a storage unit is not easy. There are hundreds of things to keep in mind, and this podcast will help you remind you of every one of them. Anthony McHenry very casually discusses how to manage, organize, and choose a storage unit; he encourages people to be ready beforehand and search for a storage unit that matches all their requirements. 

Focus on Customer Service

The podcast Focus on Customer Service is excellent for businesses related to the service industry. This podcast discusses customer service etiquettes with real-life examples and experiences. Even though most storage companies have an online booking system, still people feel the need to incorporate the human touch of customer care. 

Focus on Customer Service helps storage business owners understand what people expect from a good customer care service. They discuss real-life scenarios that can be easily solved by the quick thinking of customer care representatives. 

If you are a storage business owner and looking for some ways to make your business more approachable and accessible, we highly recommend tuning in to this podcast and hearing what they have to say. 

Self-Storage Mastery Podcast

Are you a struggling storage business owner and looking for ways you can breathe new life into your dying business? Self-Storage Mastery Podcast is the podcast that will help you take your business to the skies. You can learn the art and science of attracting new clients and sustaining the existing ones. 

This podcast is sort of a crash course that will tell you all the marketing and advertising techniques. You can tap into your full potential with the help of this podcast. Storage secrets will be spilled with insights right from the business insiders. 

Self-Storage Mastery podcast will help you regain control over your storage business, and it gives you the power to control your finances. This podcast will provide you with confidence that you, too, can make it in the storage business. 

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