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Umrah for Disabled Pilgrims – Facilities and Arrangements

by Uneeb Khan

Every Muslim intends to accomplish Umrah at least once in his or her lifespan. Several individuals in our community, unfortunately, are unable to carry it out since they have little or no monetary resources to meet the Umrah conditions, as well as those who are crippled or impaired. Umrah is optional because it is Sunnah, while Hajj is obligatory for those Muslims who are physically, mentally, and economically competent of undertaking it. There are two options for disabled individuals first one is, to select someone to do Umrah on your behalf. Secondly, choose the best travel agency that can provide you with outstanding 21 nights smart, hassle-free & cheap Umrah packages 2021.

The most spectacular tour operator provides you with the greatest comforts and assistance throughout your religious quest. If this is your first excursion to Saudi Arabia, you must interact with a Hajj and Umrah tour company that has been authorized by the Saudi Embassy. They will thereafter be responsible for your overall journey. As a consequence, you will be capable of executing rites with comfort and ease. If you are still unable to perform Hajj or Umrah, you can go with your family. Because your family can take good care of you.

How Do Individuals with Disabilities Can Execute Umrah?

Currently, you can obtain excellent data from a variety of sites, one of which is your tour operator, who is in charge of organizing the entire Umrah excursion and is the finest guiding light. You can inquire with the advisor about the amenities available at the airport, hotels, as well as the Grand Mosque. All of the amenities that are available to handicapped people are listed here:

Wheelchairs at Airports

The Saudi Ministries have designated airports in Jeddah and Medina for pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia to undertake Hajj and Umrah. The use of a wheelchair is free of charge at both cities’ airports. There are additional amenities for the disabled, such as elevators and ramps. All of these services are provided for free, however, your tour operator must alert the airport administration of your requirements.

Wheelchair Facilities in Haram

Wheelchairs are also accessible within the Haram area as it is difficult for disabled ones to deal with the crowd. Electric wheelchairs at Haram can also be availed easily. You can also hire a person to help you move your wheelchair for Tawaf. This will make the whole process simple and easy.

Private Transport

Wheelchair services are not accessible for busses. Therefore, you have three alternatives here. The first is to arrange private transport through your booking agent, which is covered in your Umrah Package. The second is to use a cab, which might incur some extra money and the third option is to use Uber services.

Book Accommodation Near Haram and Masjid-E-Nabwi

You must reserve a hotel that is close to Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid-e-Nabwi so that you can comfortably reach the holy sites without much effort. It is really a plus point for disabled pilgrims as they have to put in less effort and energy. As part of your baggage, you can also carry a foldable and compact wheelchair. If you are handicapped and wish to conduct Umrah, you can acquire an automated wheelchair that would be easy to use and manage.

Electronic Cart for Sa’i

Excluding the wheelchair, the second-best alternative for Sa’i is an electric cart, which is only accessible on the top level of Safa and Marwa. This choice could be significantly more expensive for you. But this way you can easily undertake your ritual of Sa’i without any hassle.

Perform Umrah When Haram Is Less Crowded

There are some months where the Masjid Al-Haram is less crowded and that’s why you should opt for those months of the year like December, February, etc. Moreover, there is also some specific time when Haram Sharif isn’t fully packed. At 1:00 am or 2:00 am there are literally very few people praying or worshipping though it gets congested at the time of Fajr. So try to perform Umrah at this time this will be easier and less challenging.

Facilities of Escalators at Hotels

The hotels in Mecca and Medina are quite huge with more than 30 to 40 floors. Therefore, it is really difficult to even for a normal person to use stairs. There are special escalators for the use of disabled people. Moreover, the escalators of some hotels are extraordinary spacious that they don’t even need separate ones for disabled people.

The holy lands have almost everything for the convenience of disabled pilgrims so they won’t feel low or discriminated against. Perform Umrah with your full heart and Allah (SWT) will surely accept it and bless you infinitely. All you have to do is book a good travel company that can cover all of your needs and requirements without any difficulty. You can obtain 21 nights smart, hassle-free & cheap Umrah packages 2021 to embark on this prestigious journey.

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