Wetland Protection and How it’s Affected by Plumbing Systems

by Victor
Wetland Protection and How it’s Affected by Plumbing Systems

Wetlands are important and vital ecosystems that benefit more than just the creatures and plants that call them home. Not only do they act as a natural filter and improve water quality, they’re essential when it comes to flood protection, shoreline erosion control, and maintaining surface water flow during dry periods.” Wetlands naturally provide civilization with these benefits, but only if they are healthy and protected. States and their local governments have put protections and infrastructure in place to protect and revitalize the country’s wetlands. One of the key ways they accomplish this is by directing storm and rainwater runoff from commercial and residential properties into nearby water sources such as wetlands. 

In Renton, Washington, a local wetland is currently undergoing restoration and will eventually become a stormwater park. Since most stormwater runoffs come directly from private drains, if residents aren’t careful, they can have an immediate impact on wetlands and their health. Pollutants such as sewage, trash, and chemicals are detrimental not only to wetlands, but to the ecosystems within them. Wetlands are made up of their own delicate chemical balance which can easily be thrown off and plumbing systems are an easy way for these imbalances to be introduced.

 Sewage systems are built to safely transport waste water to the appropriate treatment facilities, but what happens if there’s a leak or a backup? Most sewer systems are out of sight underground, and if a leak occurs, they can go undetected for a long period of time. If you live near a wetland or other bodies of water, the sewage can spread and pollute the area if it reaches the water.

Another way that plumbing can affect the health and safety of a wetland is with household chemical waste. Outdoor drains usually wash out into the stormwater runoff and that means that anything that gets poured down an outside drain washes out too. Things like car oil, gasoline, and other heavy duty cleaners, are all household chemical waste products and they can find their way into a waterway or wetland if they’re accidentally poured down a drain. 

Wetland protection starts at home with your plumbing system and to ensure that your drains are clear of any contaminants or pollutants, it’s best to get them checked out and thoroughly cleaned. Trusted Plumbing & Heating is Renton’s top plumbing company that offers exceptional drain cleaning services. You can get a 5 minute quote today for all of your plumbing needs! 

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